Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pet Owners Should Contact a House Call Veterinarian in Long Island

"Beneficial treatments like acupuncture, too, may need a familiar and stable environment to be done properly. A home visit ensures that the pet will be relaxed, relieving any agitation that may make dealing with the pet difficult. Another reason for house calls is that some pets just do not travel well; cats, in particular, do not like being confined in their carriers. This makes them agitated when they arrive at the clinic, which is not the best of states for treatment. In the end, even pet owners like you will benefit from house calls. For one, they are more convenient; after all, it’s not always possible to take a day off just to bring the pet to the vet. Home visits also give vets a better idea of an animal’s environment, thus giving clues to possible causes for their ailments. What’s not to like about a professional who can determine what’s wrong with your pet and bring him or her back to good health?"

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