Monday, September 8, 2014

How a House Call Veterinarian for Long Island Pets with Cancer Helps

The signs of the illness can be masked by natural animal resilience; however, there are general noticeable signs like weakness, poor appetite, and unusual secretions (excess or discolored urine, stool, and blood or vomit). Since the animal is already weak, having a local Long Island housecall veterinarian inspect, diagnose and give preliminary treatment to your pet is beneficial. These mobile animal doctors can monitor the condition of your pet and accurately diagnose the illness through cutting-edge technologies specialized for animals; they can also provide initial treatment and referrals to specialists such as veterinary oncologists. Nutritional counseling can also be done for the improvement of a pet’s lifestyle. As for unfortunate cases when aggressive treatments can only do more harm, options for improving the remainder of your pet’s quality of life are available.

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