Thursday, September 18, 2014

Long Island Mobile Vet May Soon Administer Drugs on Site with Vet Bill

"In particular, mobile vets ensure that pets with mobility problems do not have to suffer needlessly. Take, for example, pets who have arthritis or inflammation of the joints and are unable to walk very far. If you don’t fancy carrying a Saint Bernard with canine arthritis, then you might want to ask a mobile vet unit to come to your home and perform the necessary treatment right in your driveway. At any rate, many in the veterinary community are optimistic that the bill will be granted the president’ blessing within the next few months. Whatever ails your dog or cat, you can count on a team of trusted and caring veterinary practitioners like Drs. Martin and Wiener to arrive at your doorstep and provide quality care as fast as their vet van allows."

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